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The "Deutsche Teckel" also called Dackel or Dachshund, is known since middle ages from "Bracken" continued breeding of other kinds of dogs were produced, which were improved for hunting again and again. Out of these low to the ground short legged dogs the Dachshunds appeared as they are known today, these durable hunting dogs are highly recognized and acknowledged among hunters. Besides their foolhardy work under ground they are superior at hunting above ground as well. Like signaling with a bark, in digging, or on the wound scent also partly into the water all three hair types of the Dachshund are adapted to superior hunting. Even the smaller Dachshunds (Kanin, dwarf) show much passion for hunting.

The Dachshund is the smallest german hunting dog, an ideal family and escort dog.

The Dachshund
  • in three kinds of hair


Smooth-, Long-  wired-hair
  • in three sizes
    • Standard-
    • Dwarf
    • Kanin- (miniature) Dachshund



From : German Dachshundclub 1888 e.V.

Stand: 28.08.2003