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Why ? 

My choice does not be been dictated from simple spontaneous, but from a thought and  desire of to have the actual flank a dog that does not only be an ideal companion for me, but that succeeded with the nature of its shapes to scheme me. I am a designer, and with the art in the blood the sculptural, but in the same elegant time and sophisticated lower Part to Hairclose animal. Although the jupiter eta' my Angel goddess from me "Angie", is very stable, intelligent, and I would say delicate in its to give an expression itself. pleases Me a lot the feeling of peace that succeeds to give me with its style, and his lines things quite drawn do a figure that intrinsic inside of if an Aristocratic constrastante Wild. in front to an empty sheet an artist to times itselfhow to replenish it, and that I whiten (like the actual life) terrifies it. Things to times like fece Picasso it is gone from the piu' pure realism, wanting giving importance above all to the details to the special minimum, then inside of you something moves you, you hear that that realta' tax from the societa comes you', but does not belong you. All' unexpected want to free you from the adulterated, how much useless special ereleganti, wantThe via right. Nothing scribbles, but the Beauty in its piu' pure eseltazione: the Semplicita', the Nature. I that I love to live and to work with the Animals, a time ebbi also occasion of to do the assistant I press a Veterinary Clinic, now in this small young animal of lower Part I find these extraordinary qualita' reunited, poiche' she represents the line straight line, 

and perhaps for myself it "straight line" = Right Road...